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In order to give you an understanding of the work we do, we have outlined below some rules, facts and examples of the various areas we operate in. The following pages are not exhaustive. Everybody’s individual circumstances vary. Therefore as many different scenarios there are, adagio consulting has the correct solution for you.

Temporary Purposes usually fall into the categories of students and visitors. Both types have a limit on their stay.

The immigration rules generally state that a visitor be genuinely seeking entry for not more than six months; intend to leave at the end of their visit; not intend to partake in any economic activities during the visit, neither to study and be able to maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependants from resources available to them, without recourse to public funds; or be maintained and accommodated by relatives or friends. Finally, they must be able to meet the cost of their onward journey.

At Adagio Consulting, our client group in this category would stem from people outside of the UK or already in the UK. Our preferred client group are those outside of the UK. We were contacted by a brother of Mr. Smith who wanted to come to the UK.

We were able to work with Mr. Smith and through numerous communications and made his application to come to the UK. Although initially refused (see appeals) because the Immigration officials did not think that he had enough money to support himself, Adagio Consulting were able to work with him in order to secure his visit to the UK.

Another client in this same category was allowed to enter the UK with our help but before she traveled to the UK, she had some family problems that delayed her visit. Because of her late departure, upon arrival, she only had one month left to run. After contacting us, we were able to extend her stay for a further five months… just enough time to take in all the sights of London, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Similar to visitors, students have to show that they have been accepted on to and that they are able (and intend) to follow a recognised full-time course of study. They must also intend and are able to leave the UK at the end of their studies. Finally, as above they bust not take up any economic activities – without the agreement of the Secretary of State.

As with above, for as many varied courses as there are in the UK, there are similar categories of students, and even potential students, for immigration purposes. As well as helping you to secure your entry or stay in the UK as a student, we are at times able to investigate whether the course is suitable for your needs.

Maybe you are only getting stays for short periods of time. Or you have been refused your first or subsequent visa. It may be an issue with your relative or you may just want to ensure that every part of the process is carried out correctly. Free up your time to concentrate on enjoying life as a student…we are here to help.

As an individual, we provide you with tools to reach your objectives. We believe that people have a lot to offer their countries (or communities) as well as this country’s (community) offering a lot to them. We believe we can cater for people’s needs by helping them understand systems and offering help and advice to get them through such systems as well as other requirements and problems specific to their well being, welfare and prosperity.

As an organisation , we aim to be your ‘in-house department’. In both situations we provide you with the advantage to achieve your goals. By holistically looking at our client’s needs, we are able to tailor a service unique to them.

Our aim is also to work closely with government initiatives and community to coordinate services. Hopefully we can foster an efficient relationship between the private and public sectors.

We will

– Assess problems critically and provide solutions.
– Provide you with regular progress reports.
– Be approachable and build effective relationships.

Our long term aim is to build a lasting relationship that allows you to consider us as your consulting department.

Adagio Consulting’s website is up, but still under construction
We have spent a lot of time to bring you our website. we aim to be able to make it an integral part of our business. Please bear with us. We hope to bring you an exciting point of call.
Here you will be able to get advice directly related to your issues. We hope to also bring you the ability to actually see your case file and interact with it in order for us to provide you with service second to none.

Tax debts are a very serious business indeed.

Tax debts are a very serious business indeed. If you have either personal consumer debt that a control by private companies then it is likely that these companies will come after to collect that debt.

It is likely you can ask yourself: what exactly is the iris stature of limitations, and how does it affect me in my particular situation..  You’re right to think that this depends on your particular tax circumstances, and without knowing your exact situation then is very difficult for this is to be explained in a short, concise summary.


Because of this, if you’re able on you have the funds to pay for this. It is best that you have an experienced IRS tax lawyer, who will guide you through the step-by-step process to reducing your tax obligations. Anderson Tax Law is one of few firms who really know what they doing when it comes to IRS debt The money you save on this could be in the tens of thousands or even the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It could put your business in a completely new project trajectory and also allow you a new piece of mind, which will give you a boost of life in your personal and private life.

This will mean the risk of legal action being taken against you, the IRS asking to take consequential measures straightaway. This can include IRS wage garnishments tax liens and other kinds of punitive measures of that can hurt your finances for many years to come.

You must find out if you are unable to pay your debts before they become due and, If this is usually expected around April or May time every year. The sooner you start negotiations the better your position will be from the perspective of the IRS.


If you have an old age in working on your behalf, Hopefully a professional and restrained by the IRS an work specifically for the interests of the taxpayer. Is likely that you will have to pay a hefty fee for this tax service. You can be a great idea because It minimizes the risk of making a mistake and will help you to navigate in a complex area which you might be unfamiliar.

Make a call to the iris office and see their contact information. It is needed that you had all your tax clearance; Bills bank levy information and any other needed credit reports or summary that you can find. Is not so likely that you will have to make a lump sum payment as this will be a highly punitive measure, however it is not unheard-of.  Make sure you are not one of these people I’ve been well prepared, fully informed I’m going ahead with the right attitude to come out of the right result.

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Tell us what you think. Get in touch with us and let us know what you would like and how we could improve our service to you. We look forward to hearing from you.
Adagio Consulting is graded as specialist advisors
We are pleased to announce that we have been granted the specialist level in the provision of immigration advice by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. Visit their website andhave a look at our listings. We have on offer Berkshire’s best migration lawyers, who have a wealth of experience in helping people reach their dream of living in the UK. However this is certainly different from American migration law.

ISH Immigation solcitor Help location

The OISC are set up by the UK government in order to scrutinise and assist those in the provision of immigration advice. Depending on the level of registration, advisors are regulated in order to ensure the provision of advice.
Home Office introduces fees
The Home Office, the government department responsible for immigration has introduced fees for all applications made to their offices. Previously fees were only payable for limited types of applications.

The Home Office introduced the fees in August of this year with the main aims of recouping the large costs in dealing with applications. The hope is for times to be reduced and a better level of service for all applicants. Visit the Home Office’s website for more information.
Introduction of employment agency
Adagio Consulting is in the process of introducing a new search and selection type employment agency. Our aim is to assist clients to find work suitable to their education and experiences.

The project should be rolled out in the next few months, and already it seems like it is going to be a success. We have had interest from people in the UK and people abroad who would like us to take away all the hassle of looking for and getting a job. If you are interested in getting and building your career, contact us… we look forward to hearing from you

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